If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our decades of communications experience, it’s that one size doesn’t fit all. To meet this challenge, we implement a complete 360-degree communications methodology that leads clients through an audit, planning, execution and measurement cycle. This process gets to the heart of what makes you stand out from your competitors, ensuring messages are crystal clear, plans are meticulous, implementation is smooth and evaluation is meaningful.

Open Sky Communications’ all-star team determines your company’s unique challenges and then recommends a powerful mix of global PR and communications strategies — not necessarily the safest or the most obvious. Our guiding philosophy is to deliver results that exceed expectations, not budgets. We develop creative campaigns that implement your messages using innovative tactics and technologies designed to advance your business objectives.


How do you know if we’ve delivered on our promises? Simply put, we monitor ongoing execution and results to make sure that you and your management are never in the dark about ROI. Our specialty is delivering stellar results without nickel-and-diming you to death. And we never sacrifice quality in an effort to save time or increase our own profits.

Open Sky Communications delivers exceptional results in a cost-effective framework, so there are no budgetary surprises. Our metrics include message resonance, coverage analysis, campaign objective fulfillment and business impact. It’s all about delivering meaningful, measurable results that exceed expectations. Period. In the end, the best measure of success is hearing your messages communicated back to you by your target markets.


Globalization is not a new concept, and the current business climate has only intensified the importance of communicating beyond your borders. Our network of PR experts spans the globe, enabling you to reach all of your audiences. We ensure that your corporate branding is consistent while providing a localized approach and messaging that ensures the greatest impact in each region.

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